Thursday, May 10, 2012

Leo Eugene Hanson 1916-2012

As soon  as Erik and I  heard the news of Erik's grandfather passing, we made plans for our journey to Wisconsin for the funeral. Here are some photos of our time in Wisconsin. We left our home on Monday April 16 and arrived back home on Saturday the 21.

 Erik and his brother Brian played a one piano duet. It was so nice to see the play together once again.
 Mum and Dad Hanson were happy to get to see their grandchildren (Brian's kids).
                                                                   I love this photo!

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  1. Thanks for sharing via
    your blogspot.

    I feel I have now been
    introduced to both your parents
    as well asyour brother Brian.

    Wishing both of your mothers
    A Blessed Mother's Day.