Thursday, October 4, 2012

A day off spent in Jackson,PA

Memorial Day at the Lake

                                                                  The Page family lake
                                        This is little Mary Page, Bethany's brother Eric's, oldest girl.
                              Bethany on the diving board with many awesome memories of her favorite lake

Summer Highlights

Pastor Erik being interviewed by several news stations about a crime that happened on our street....two houses down.
                                               Page family reunion at our family lake.
                                      Party in Nicholson PA for Bethany's parents 60th birthday.

Harford Fair!!!!!
                                        Harvest Rally in Morghantown,PA. KSBT's first debut.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Our Vacation

                                               Longwood Gardens

St Josephs University Philadelphia, PA
The Verzella's home
Nephew Isaac, the newest addition to our family

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Grandma and Auntie come for a visit

It was so nice to have Grandma and Aunt Karen visit us last week. They came to our church to hear Erik preach then they came to out house for lunch. We had a great time with them! Come again!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Thankful for our Mothers

Miriam Jane Page, Mother of Amy, Philip, Eric, and Bethany Page.
 Ma Page is best described as faithful! Faithful to God, her husband and her family. She truly has the gift of hospitality! Her home is usually being used as a B&B for family and friends. She has inspired me over the years to be hospitable and keep a comfortable home. I thank my mother for being faithful in taking my siblings and I to church all those years. She got all four of us kids up and dressed and out the door every Sunday all by herself. I don't know how she did it...we only had one bathroom! My mother led me to the Lord at the kitchen table when I was six years old and for that I am eternally thankful! I Love you Ma!

 Jane Hanson, Mother of Brian and Erik Hanson.
 Mum Hanson is best described as a humble servant. She serves God, her husband and her children with a meek and quiet spirit. She is disciplined, hardworking, faithful, loving and unselfish. Mum always puts her family's needs before her own and does it with a cheerful attitude. It was through her illness that God gave her the desire to seek and find Him so that her family all came to know Christ as their personal savior. Thank you so much for letting God use you and for being an awesome mother and mother-in-law! I Love you Mum!

  Happy Mothers Day!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Leo Eugene Hanson 1916-2012

As soon  as Erik and I  heard the news of Erik's grandfather passing, we made plans for our journey to Wisconsin for the funeral. Here are some photos of our time in Wisconsin. We left our home on Monday April 16 and arrived back home on Saturday the 21.

 Erik and his brother Brian played a one piano duet. It was so nice to see the play together once again.
 Mum and Dad Hanson were happy to get to see their grandchildren (Brian's kids).
                                                                   I love this photo!