Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Music of David Rasbach!

One of my desires is to expose other believers to sound biblical music and composers/arrangers whom you can trust. Today, I would like to introduce you to my good friend David Rasbach. David is currently serving the Lord as the choral director of Bob Jones University's pre-college choirs as well as its instructor for the Fundamentals of Music class. On the side, he is a member of the SMS Men's choir, a professional recording group, and he stays busy writing music and producing recordings. The Lord has greatly used David in my life not only as one of my beloved composition mentors (along with Joan Pinkston!) but as a true friend. He literally has poured hours of his life into me by exposing me to beautiful music writing, helping me with my own compositions, and causing me to think biblically about my own music philsophy. It was my great privelege to serve as his accompanist for some of his choirs and to have him run his compositions by me after composing them. Time after time, I have been so amazed with the creativity that God has so gifted him to compose such beautiful music that so vividly portrays its text! It certainly is rare for me to be able to say that I recommend EVERY piece a composer has written. Well, in this case I can say that I whole heartedly recommend EVERY piece that David has written and I am happy to endorse his music. I encourage each of you to buy recordings with his music on them and to use his music in your churches. Here are some of the recordings his music is on:
Sing Praise To God (Wilds)
When Jesus Comes (Soundforth)
A Song I Love to Sing (Soundforth)
Expression of Gratitude (Herbsters)
Adoration (Pat Berg)

If you would like to hear some demo recordings of his compositions or purchase his music go to and do a search on his name. I would also recommend that you go to and listen to his BJA chorale sing 6 of his compositions. Don't miss out on the beautiful music of David Rasbach!

~Pastor Erik

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