Friday, March 4, 2011

Calkins Couples Dinner!

Pastor Erik enjoys laughing at/with these "experienced" couples during the Newly Wed game!
Bethany and Kristin enjoyed their meal!

We were blessed to have a good size crowd for our special dinner
On February 27th, the couples Sunday School class at Calkins Baptist church put together a special dinner to encourage the couples of our church. It was such a wonderful time of fellowship, edification, and humor! Bethany and I had the privelege of serving as the host and hostess of the Newly Wed game! We learned that although a couple may have been married 20-30 years that both will still be learning and finding out things for the rest of one's lifetime! We had several experienced couples find out certain things that they had not known before our Newly Wed game.:-) It shows us that a godly marriage is a lifetime process that takes work on both parts as well as the divine working of our great God who is in the miracle working business. There is hope for all marriages because of the God of all hope who is willing to help each of us in our marriages. I am SO thankful to the Lord for my godly wife and for His marvelous grace which He gives us daily for each day's adventure! A big thanks to those who put this wonderful couples dinner together!
~Pastor Erik

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