Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Celebrate Your Husband!

Dear wives, We all appreciate gifts and cards on special days like birthdays and holidays. Its nice to be remembered and celibrated. Our husbands enjoy it too. I would like to share with you some ideas of how you can celabrate your husband on a regular, normal, run of the mill day! Our husbend desurves our unconditional respect! I just cant emphasize that enough! One way to show that respect is to celebrate him on his vacation time/ days off from work. No cake and baloons nessasry, infact it dosent need to require any extra money at all. It's simply a different way of thinking. Lets take his day off for instance. He comes home friday night after a hard week at work. He has the whole weekend off. What are YOUR plans? Do you have a honey-do-list for him, grossery shopping to do, practices to take the kids to? Too often we as wives think we can make the plans because we run the home. Yes, we run the home thats our job as wives/women but our husband runs the family, so to speek, and it is His day off. Here are some practical ways you can respect your husbands vacation time/days off of work.

  • Ask him what he would like to do over the weekend.

  • Try to get all of your laundry, shopping, etc. done before the weekend so if he wants to stay home you can be with him.

  • Make his favorit meal / dessert.

  • Make his favorit breakfast saturday morning.

  • Let him decide where the family vacations will be at. If he wants you to plan the vacation make sure that you keep him in mind and choose a place and things to do that you know he will enjoy. For instance, do not make a full day of shopping at the outlets if your huband does not enjoy shopping! Take the family to a Harley Davidson store, Tractor pull, music store, or golfing. Make the outlet shopping an all day event with your friends at another time.

Just remember to put your husband and his intersts first. He will apriciate it and God will be obeyed.

A fellow growing wife,

Bethany Hanson

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