Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Calkins Couples Retreat in Lancaster, PA!!!!!!

This is where we stayed at in Lancaster, PA
The Landis Valley Museum is dedicated to preserve German history pertaining to PA

Bethany enjoyed her lunch at Landis Valley

Bethany & Uncle Paul leave one of the buildings.
Sorry that we have not been posting for a while! Bethany and I have both been very busy as always at Calkins Baptist. This past weekend was busy but a great blessing as well since we had our annual couples retreat at Lancaster. Around 20 of us enjoyed the wonderful preaching of Dr. E. Allen Griffith as well as Wheatland (home of James Buchanan) and Landis Valley. We also enjoyed the beautiful weather as it as 82% last Friday! What a contrast today up in Beach Lake, PA as we already have 6 inches of snow which is continuing to come down. Who ever would have thought that we would end up with one foot of snow by tomorrow when it was 60% up here just a few days ago!:-( Oh well, we must praise God for the beauty of snow just as we praise Him for the beauty of the grass and blossoming flowers around us!
Hope that y'all enjoyed our Lancaster pictures!
~Pastor Erik

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