Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy 23rd Birthday Bethany!!!!

Happy Birthday Bethany!!!!

To my loving wife, best friend, and co-laborer for Christ! I am so thankful for the Lord for His precious gift in giving me Bethany as my wife. She has been such a great joy and blessing to me and I am SO thankful for her! We have had a wonderful journey together since the Lord has brought us together in August of 2009 and we are looking forward to how the Lord will continue to grow our relationship together for the years to come!

I just took her out to a Chinese restaurant in Honesdale, PA. We were not sure where we were going to go until the last minute but it was neat to see how the Lord led us there as we ran into some fellow believers that we knew. Praise the Lord for how He sovereignly works in our lives!

Again, Happy Birthday to my beautiful Bethany!

~Pastor Erik


  1. Happy Birthday, Bethany! Hope it's a great day!

  2. Happy Birthday Bethany! I hope it was wonderful!! Your favorite cousin, Kendra 

  3. Happy Birthday Bethany! (Late) I just started following your blog, so that's why this happy birthday is late. :-D