Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We covet your prayers

These last few weeks have been really rough with Eriks appendicitis and all. He's not recovering as fast as we would both like. Two steps forward one step back.....that just about sums up what we have been able to accomplish on the road to recovery We are both learning and growing through this trial  and hope to count it all joy for we do see Gods hand everyday.Erik has told me many times that he has a greater compassion for those in hospital and a renewed appreciation for his good health. I ,on the other hand, have learned how to pump petrol by myself and how to get to and from hospital. I laugh at myself for learning such things as I should have known long ago. You see, Erik has always taken such good care of me as well as everything concerning the car, that I never had a need to do these mundane tasks before. However, This week and last has been quite the opposite.Through this, God has drawn me closer to him. I could no longer rely on Erik for help. I had to step out on faith more, trust more, pray more and my least favorite of all, fail more. Even though it has not been an easy road, God has been so good to us! Erik and I are be molded at this time and I'm asking for your prayers. This is not only a physical battle but a spiritual one as well.  Pray that we will fight the good fight and end well, glorifying God.

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